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My Mom & Dad in the late '40's.  Mom died in September 2005 in Boulder. Dad died in February 2015 in Ojai.

Mom with "Frank & Emma" in 1946.  I don't know these people, but I thought it was a cool picture.  Look at the balance of their hair, eyes and hand positions.  Why don't we pose like that anymore?

My son Michael in little league in 2002.  He made the Majors at 10, and was nicknamed "Luis" for his resemblance to the Arizona Diamondbacks' World Series hero (and all around nice guy) Luis Gonzales.

The California Rancher my folks bought in Thousand Oaks, California in 1965 to escape smoggy L.A.  Check out my Dad's State Farm "company car" Rambler in the right foreground.  I scanned the tab on the right to highlight the fact that this is a Polaroid taken on Dad's State Farm camera.  We had a lot of Polaroid pictures back then.

My Mom was a volunteer at Bette Davis' famous Hollywood Canteen on Cahuenga off Sunset Boulevard while she worked at Columbia Pictures.  This is her volunteer armband.  The club was a USO-type hangout and fund raiser for servicemen.  Mom's Hollywood years must have been very exciting for a kid who grew up picking grapes with the Okies in the San Joaquin Valley and canning peaches for Del Monte in San Jose.  She reminisced constantly about Hollywood when I was a kid.

My little league team when I was first promoted to the "Majors" as an eleven year old in 1969. We went from worst to first between my 11 and 12 year old years.  The coaches were abusive monsters when I was 11, and wonderful, caring men when I was 12.  My first lesson in management.

My favorite photo sequence of my eldest sons Xan (right) and Nicky (left).  Taken in our Ventura, California backyard in 1989.  This was one of the few Kodachrome slides I was able to recover and partially restore after the Palo Alto flood of February 1998.  I lost more than 4600 K25 and K64 slides.  Very ouch baby!

Xan, Nicky and our dog Murphy in our Boulder, Colorado alley right before Nicky started CU.

My son Nicky with my Dad in Sedona, Arizona before we drove Dad's '86 Nissan Hardbody to Boulder in June 2004.


My maternal Uncle Carr (Arpiar) teaching my boys to handle firearms shortly before his death.  I always figured that the best way to defuse the glamorized killing of TV and film was first hand experience with guns; they're loud, powerful and scary in real life.

My sons and Dad outside the Good Samaritan skilled nursing facility in Boulder, Colorado after visiting my Mom in the spring of 2005.

My Mom, brother and I at our Mar Vista home in about 1960.

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 Dad_Farmers_Insurance_Team_shot_LA_mid_50s.jpg (4841092 bytes)

The whole family in front of our Mar Vista (L.A.) home in the early 60's.  Mar Vista was just west of the 405 Freeway, not far from Santa Monica.  It was quite urban and generally "blue collar" back then. 

LEFT:  My Mom's family before she was born in Calcutta, India, circa 1909-1915.  RIGHT:  The family in front of the Galstaun (?) Palace celebrating my grandfather's sister Margaret's marriage (in about 1912) to Movses Movsessian, a highly successful traveling dentist based in Kerman, Persia at a time when capable dentists were rare and highly valued.  Checkout the external plumbing on the palace -- looks like a retrofit.  My grandparents are standing and seated, second from left, my uncle Yervand is sitting cross-legged in the front.  My grandparents and their children emigrated to Sanger, California around 1920.  I have speculated that my grandfather was endowed by his uncle (either J.C. Galstaun, a colorful philanthropist in Calcutta's Armenian community or a Carr Phillips?).  In Calcutta, my grandfather was a teacher or headmaster at the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy .  He was known around Sanger and Fresno as "Professor Galoostian."  I suspect that the name Galstaun was an Anglicization of the Armenian name "Galustyan," which in turn my grandfather re-"armenianized" phonetically as "Galoostian."  My grandfather came to Calcutta around 1900 from Esphahan Persia.

What could possibly be better than a mid-50's team shot of the Farmers Insurance claims team in front of their Los Angeles offices?  Dig the palm tree and curved awning over the entrance.  And check out the ties, tie bars, suits, and strategically folded breast pocket hankies.  These dudes were stylin' big time.  Dad is the guy with the blue arrow aimed at him.  Does this picture leave any doubt about why the 60's happened?  The good part was a regular guy could support a family of four on one income.




My Mom Mariam and her sister Carine around 1946.

My Uncles Yervand and Arpiar at home in Sanger, California with my grandfather during WWII.  My grandparents had a war flag with 2 stars representing their 2 soldier sons.

My Mom and Dad with Columbia Pictures pal Zenzi "Rusty" O'Mara boating in Los Angeles around 1947. 




My Uncle Arpiar lighting a butt on a troop transport during WWII.  "Arpie" was an artilleryman who was later seriously wounded by shrapnel.  The family lore was that he had punctured eardrums so he couldn't swim with his head under water.  In 1970, he had shrapnel removed from near his spine.  I remember that jagged scrap of metal on his bureau.  Arpie lived with my grandparents his entire life after WWII.  The war obviously scarred him inside and out.  I remember he drank a lot of Jim Beam.

My Mom with some Columbia Pictures pals near Palms Springs in the 1940's.

The Calonne family in Mar Vista, California a few days after my second birthday.  Check out my Dad's bonsai collection.  We had many Japanese neighbors in Mar Vista, and my Dad had a big Japanese gardening phase during which he learned the art of Bonsai from a gardener friend Mr. Morimoto.  He also actually imported bonsai pots from Japan, and went down to L.A. Harbor at San Pedro to pick them up shipside.  Back then in L.A., gardening was a pretty stereotypical Japanese trade.  Dad befriended Mr. Morimoto and seemed fascinated with the Zen and artistry with which he approached gardening.

Graduation Day 1979.  Yes my eyes are closed and yes I was 20.  Dig my hair.  I miss my dead pals Steve and Cader. Steve died of AIDS.  Cader died on a Montana highway driving the 1971 Dodge Polara 440 (very fast used CHP pursuit car), I had sold him after my Mom got it from Uncle Arpiar.  Killed his wife too.   

My father Pierre's law school graduation in 1970.  Note the pants my brother David and I are wearing.  My mouth is open because I was probably giving the photographer vital instructions on how to use the camera.  My Dad had recently been fired from State Farm after 13 years because he was caught going to law school.  The tort of insurance bad faith had not yet fully developed, and State Farm absolutely, positively did not want their adjusters practicing law after learning the vicious games of the insurance industry.  Our family suffered through close to 4 years of unemployment.  My brother and I both lost "prestige" private college opportunities for lack of funds. We gained the privilege of attending a great UC system built by those foresighted Californians who believed in public education.

My Persian (Iranian) cousins Bijan, Eskandar, and Dariush Bakhtiar visiting my parents in 1973 or so.  Their Armenian mother Stella was the daughter of my maternal grandfather's sister Margaret, i.e., Stella was one of my mom's first cousins.

Mom, David and I getting an introduction to tract  house yard work in Thousand Oaks, California on October 21, 1965, about 2 weeks shy of my 7th birthday,  Note the iron-on knee patches on my pants.

This picture was probably taken in Esfahan, Persia.  My Uncle Yervand is the tallest man, standing on the left.  He was the only of my aunts or uncles who was born in Persia.  Judging from his apparent age in the photo and what look to be military epaulets on his jacket, I'd guess this was taken in the mid to late 1940's.  Yervand was a U.S. Marine from about 1929 to 1934; when WWII started, he "re-upped" as an Army intelligence officer; he served in North Africa.  My "Aunt" Mary (another of my mom's 1st cousins by Margaret), seated on the far right, is wearing a wedding band; she was married in 1937.  She emigrated to Argentina with her Jewish husband (Rubin).  Her son Alex is my dear cousin, and her daughter Alicia spent quite a bit of time with my family in the '60's.    The man standing the farthest to the right is Sultan Moorad Bakhtiar, the father of Bijan, Eskandar and Dariush.  Their Mom was Stella, Mary's sister.  Christians, Muslims and Jews all in one family!

This shot has much of my grandfather's sister Margaret's family.  Margaret is the older woman second from the left.  Her daughter Lena is on the far left, my cousin Alex's mom Mary is just to the right of Margaret and just to the left of her father Movses Movsessian.

My Mom, brother and I with my grandparents in their Sanger, California living room.  The background photos show the Galstaun palace in Calcutta.

Here's my family in front of Boulder's famous Flatirons in November 2004.

That's me on top of 13,233 foot Mt. Audubon in Colorado's Indian Peaks Wilderness.  I still have some fight left in me.

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A nicely posed shot of my maternal grandparents and uncles Arpiar and Yervand, probably in Calcutta.

Mom's maternal grandparents.

My son Tyler posing with our Yellow Labrador, Murphy. 

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Tyler and Michael fishing at Big Creek Lake near the Colorado-Wyoming Border.  Good times . . . .

Michael dwarfing the Old Man near the Encampment River.








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The content of this website are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used in any manner without my express written permission. Copyright Ariel Pierre Calonne,  2005 - 2017.  All rights reserved.